First Choice Homes Oldhan

Another long standing client for over 5 years.

Branding and marketing material

We have created branding design for a range of services and design for print for a number of projects.

Design for print

Design and production of Annual Report 2017 and supporting documents.
Chosen from a number design concepts presented and produced to a tight deadline.

Concept and Design for promoting FCHO’s help and advice services relating to Universal Credit.

Financial Statement
72 page document containing financial information. Presented in a easy to read design using images and graphics to illustrate complex reports.

Document containing FCHO’s pledges to respond to and build upon the recommendations made by the Greater Manchester Poverty Commission.

Info-graphic designed to clearly present key achievements, facts and figures in a visually strong single page document.

Interactive PDF – Strategic Plan
This document needed to be in a format that could easily be distributed and viewed on any device or platform.
The solution was an interactive PDF allowing for pop-ups to show more detail when selected, enabling a large amount of textual information to be presented in a more readable way, without moving away from main page.
This functions like a website, but without the need to access a browser to view it.

See it here…

StrategicPLANa.pdf (741 downloads )

Design work for logo and graphics for LCD screen presentation with a little animation to help deliver the messages .

Design concepts and artwork for print provided for various initiatives.